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Let's unwrite these pages

and replace them with our own words

Professor Disco Dome
Welcome to my journal!

Here you will find everything Chelsified-related!
I write fanfiction and I am also a part of the Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Hunger Games, and Cal Leandros fandoms.
I will post anything related to these and you will also find where my Sims came to die.


Abandoned Sim Legacies

The Ravenna Legacy:

(1.0) (1.1)

The Martin Legacy:

(1.0) (1.1) (1.2)

The Eager Legacy:

(1.1) (2.1-2.2) (2.3) (2.4)

Hello loves! Announcement time!
Professor Disco Dome
Guess who's back?

Chelsey's back!

Tell a friend.

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head. If you do too, think of it as a little welcome back present! From me...to me.

Now I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Good news?

Too bad. I always say the bad news first. Makes the good news seem more.... good.

Bad news: My old laptop is pretty much toast, and I may never be able to get it fixed. That means my little simmers- I probably will not be continuing my legacies. I don't see myself rejoining the Sims Community as a poster at all actually. You never know, but I hope you are all terribly saddened by this loss.

I'm kidding. =) I only hope you're a little sad.

Good news: I do plan on coming back to LJ! I write fanfics and I'm going to start posting them here. I hope you all will give them a read and that this might be a good experience for all of us. They are all slash at the moment, and almost all for the BBC's Sherlock.

I'm hoping that besides broadening my readership that I could get some feedback, and maybe some help with some future WIPs I have coming up.

Let me know if any of you are interested in fanfics, I'm a Potterhead, Sherlockian, Whovian, Merlinian, and a fan of other series like The Hunger Games and the Cal Leandros novels. I also take prompts.

If you want to unfriend I understand completely, but before you do don't forget to drop in to say goodbye! I really have missed all of you.

Chelsified out. (I really should get the sound of the TARDIS to play at the end of each of my posts)

Professor Disco Dome

Hey guys! So I am once again having computer problems, but I hope to be back soon.

On the other hand, I got into Pottermore early!

If you hurry the clue is still up.

Hint: The game was Gryffindor 80-20

Professor Disco Dome


I need help.

My computer contracted some bad viruses, but I've stopped turning it on and am going to get it fixed soon.

But, SIMS 3 SIMMERS! I need to know how to upload my Ravenna family to the internet.

Just how to package them up so that I can re-download them in case my computer needs to be wiped.

Please help me!

Thanks in advance!

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns
Professor Disco Dome
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Professor Disco Dome
*Sticky Post*

How the hell do you make a sticky on LJ?

I really want to know, it makes me feel stupid not to. -.-;

The Ravenna Legacy 1.1
Hayley Ravenna

  Look! There's a part two! =O


Because peeing on their shoes always wins an argumentCollapse )

Ravenna Legacy 1.0
Professor Disco Dome
Yeah, I know, I'm terrible at finishing these.
Oh well. ;D

Like a glowstick.....Collapse )


The Martin Legacy 1.2
Professor Disco Dome

The Martin Legacy 1.1
Professor Disco Dome