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Let's unwrite these pages

and replace them with our own words

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Professor Disco Dome

Hey guys! So I am once again having computer problems, but I hope to be back soon.

On the other hand, I got into Pottermore early!

If you hurry the clue is still up.

Hint: The game was Gryffindor 80-20

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Yay! I am too! <3 I can't wait.

When we're in you have to find me. My username is Pumpkinmaurader132 and Spiritsword101. (I signed up my friend, but now she doesn't want it so I have two)

I think those are it, but they didn't send me my username in the email!

Well, I am CharmHawthorn204 :D I shall look for you if we wind up in the same house! I think that's probably the only way we can see another persons screen name, they could change it, though!

Oh right, although I thought I heard something about socializing in the Great hall also. Ooh, I wonder how we'll be sorted........... Well, if we aren't in the same house I'm still glad you got in. =)

I forgot about this, I just sent now sent you a request, my name is pumpkinmarauder132.

I thought I'd tell you so you don't think some strange person is stalking you. ^.^

Awwww, you're a Ravenclaw! Good for you. =D Is that the house you wanted?

I just got the email saying I had a friend request and then saw the next one saying you replied, haha!

And yes, I was definitely hoping for either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but leaning more toward Ravenclaw :3

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