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Let's unwrite these pages

and replace them with our own words

Hello loves! Announcement time!
Professor Disco Dome
Guess who's back?

Chelsey's back!

Tell a friend.

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head. If you do too, think of it as a little welcome back present! From me...to me.

Now I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Good news?

Too bad. I always say the bad news first. Makes the good news seem more.... good.

Bad news: My old laptop is pretty much toast, and I may never be able to get it fixed. That means my little simmers- I probably will not be continuing my legacies. I don't see myself rejoining the Sims Community as a poster at all actually. You never know, but I hope you are all terribly saddened by this loss.

I'm kidding. =) I only hope you're a little sad.

Good news: I do plan on coming back to LJ! I write fanfics and I'm going to start posting them here. I hope you all will give them a read and that this might be a good experience for all of us. They are all slash at the moment, and almost all for the BBC's Sherlock.

I'm hoping that besides broadening my readership that I could get some feedback, and maybe some help with some future WIPs I have coming up.

Let me know if any of you are interested in fanfics, I'm a Potterhead, Sherlockian, Whovian, Merlinian, and a fan of other series like The Hunger Games and the Cal Leandros novels. I also take prompts.

If you want to unfriend I understand completely, but before you do don't forget to drop in to say goodbye! I really have missed all of you.

Chelsified out. (I really should get the sound of the TARDIS to play at the end of each of my posts)