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Ravenna Legacy 1.0
Professor Disco Dome
Yeah, I know, I'm terrible at finishing these.
Oh well. ;D

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the RAVENNA LEGACY!!!!!
Yes, that is Ravenna, [ra'ven:a] google it, remember it, whatever, just tell me what it is if you know. ;D
Just a little background info before I introduce you to our leading lady:
This is a
Random Legacy as defined by the Random Legacy Challenge late night spin-off rules,
all late night/world adventures/ambitions goals/tasks/things will be ignored until I have those
expansion packs installed. (Which may be soon, may be never, who knows?)
Anyway, here are this generation's guidelines:

Now that that is out of the way, let's get to the fun!

Yeah I'm obviously going to have a ton of fun. A family full of Daredevils, and
the one woman I have to start this legacy, HATES CHILDREN!
Oh and the overly emotional, excitable part was just a cherry on top. XD
The vegetarian was okay, I mean I'm not some hater......
Oh and it was just coincidence that her LTW happened to be her substituted career.......... *Whistles*

Hayley: I'm not sure about this.
Me: Ta-ooh fucking bad!

Hayley: Well I never................
Me: Ha! We'll see. Now quit bitching and get to work with the baby-making.

Hayley: Oh my it's so.....................beautiful.......

You know, I forgive you, that really is crap.

And the rest of her lovely, um...... yard.

Hayley: I'm scared.
Me: As you should be.
As you should be. -.-

Hayley: WHY SIMGOD?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!
Me: You'll get over it. DO NOT ADDRESS ME DIRECTLY!

Hayley: WHY PLUMBOB?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Me: Mwahahahaha!

Hayley: *Bawls into shower*

Isn't she beautiful?

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!  I love this! It might just make me overlook the fact that I'm
going to have a legacy of dirt-eaters, because I love how with everything they do, 
they can do it EXTREME.


So I play ahead, both because it's fun and any family that isn't my legacy family get's boring after a while,
and so I have a few updates stacked up for a rainy day..... ;)
Anyway, I didn't notice this was attached to the little job hunt up there 'till just now.
And yeah. It's important.

Why so fierce baby?

Oh that's just your normal extreme bicycle-ly face.
Carry on.

Hank: I feel like I walk around wearing a mask. Something to disguise the true feelings I have deep inside.
Hayley: Uh.....uh-huh.

Hayley: So do you like blocks? I like blocks!
Hank: Yeah...... How old are you?
Hayley: Well actually, I'm not sure. Thanks for reminding me I never had a childhood!

Hank: =O OHMYGOD! I LOVE PAINTING! Don't you just love painting?!?!?!

Hayley: So, uh... Do you wanna get out of here?
Hank: You mean like out the window?

Hayley: Omnomnomnomnomnom

Hank: So you just picked it up and- Wait? the floor isn't dirt........ How did you do that?
Hayley: The world may never know!

Hank: No, I'm serious. Tell me.

Hayley: So what are your veiws on gay marriage?
ZombiechickIcan'teverrememberthenameof: You know, this painting smells like chicken.
Hank: Oooh! This place just got interesting!

Hayley: Oh yeah.

Hayley: So baby, why don't you come a little closer and give me a kiss?
*Waggles eyebrows*

Hayley: This isn't what I meant...... -.-

Hayley: I'm kinda worried for you. *Glare*

Is it just me or has her expression got more and more disgusted as this night has gone on?

Hayley: Thank god that's over.........

Hank: Ohohohohoh so good. so good.
Hayley: So close yet so far.


Hayley: So, uh. Yeah..... Get your ass over here.

Hayey: Hmmmmmm Standing in these flowers reminds me of this man I've never met because I've
only talked to Hank and two of my female co-workers in my short short un-natural life.
Ooh! Hank should get me flowers. I want Hank to get me flowers.
Hank: Yes dear
Me: Holy crap how'd you do that?

Hayley: So I'm getting a little tired, why don't we get going? ;D
Hank: Bed? You're going to BED?!?! But we just got here! 
Hayley: Yeah, you don't get it.

Oh my what is that? Why are there little blue plumbobs circling their head?
Old man: I think...........

Old man: OH MY GOD IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah It's okay I googled it. But I got you there huh?
Yeah. Yeah I did.

Hank: Of course I'll come back to your house baby.
River?: I want that. *Sighs*

So........ what'cha doin here still Hank?
Hank: I'm waiting for her to get home so she can bring the bike back and I can ride it there.

Okay. You do that.


Hank: *Sultry eyes* I'm glad you came.

Hayley: Rawr.

Yeah, you're not good at this.

Hayley: Honey, I'm worried. Who is that over there? *Eye twitch*
Hank: Oh, her it's okay. Just ignore her.

Pauline: Mmm. Mmhmm, yeah this book is good.

Hank: She's behind me now, isn't she?

 Hayley: Why is she watching us? *Fist clench*
Hank: I just don't know. I really don't.

Pauline: *Butt shake*
Hank: Yeah, we're just gonna go in here.

Hayley: This is so much better.

Oh god. I remembered what I knew Hank from.
He's commitment issues Hank! And I also just realised he never actually made the cut for my Martin Legacy.
But that legacy is dead now. It's time to move on.

You may think she moves fast, but I mean come on! She's known him for two sim days now.
She's actually a slacker.

Plus, how else do you catch an un-catchable sim? ;D

Hayley: So..... Wanna go again? Oh I'm sorry was it good for you? ='( Was it?

Yeah they like to play role-playing games.
They get a little mixed around sometimes.
Hayley: He stole my heart!

Mwahahahaha from causes unknown.

Hayley: Oh god, was it something I ate?
You don't have a stove.
Under cooked food did not do this.

Okay, this was starting to piss me off. 
Damn Hank and his damn flaky-damness.

So since we couldn't get him to come over, ever, we invited him to the beach.
In her backyard. Yeah I'm sneaky! Fuck yeah! I do what I do.

She ran there. She was that excited.

YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley: I feel something coming on.
I think.......... I think......It's my time to shine!

Hayley: Oh god. Oh god I think I'm gonna be sick.
*Pukes like a lady*
Mommy I want a Teddy bear! Why won't you buy me a teddy bear?!?!

Oh yeah, upgrade! We have walls now.

Hayley: Everything makes sense now!

Hank: Me Me gotta go weewee!
Hayley: I love how you are using your words honey, but I have something to tell you.

Hayley: I really think it's time you overlook your block prejudice.

We'll stop here.
I hope I can actually stay with this one. Sadly I always have something that gets in the way.
This time, my brother took a knife to my laptop cord and my screen.
Luckily the cord till works sometimes, but now there are deep scratches on my screen and
a few parts of it is so deep that the screen is just white and blank in that spot.
So if I made any spelling or grammatical errors, please forgive me.

Til next time my dear friends.


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I like this. Ravenna is so EXTREMEEE, haha. Sorry about your laptop but it's good you can still post :0


Hehe thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The laptop thing was a bummer, but I am to glad I can still post. <3

Thanks for reading!

ha, I will experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it’s truly amazing, thanks.

Awww, no problem, you are really very sweet. Glad I could help.

Thanks for reading. <3

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