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The Ravenna Legacy 1.1
Hayley Ravenna

  Look! There's a part two! =O


In last week's (month's?) episode:

Hank: Me Me gotta go weewee!
Hayley: I love how you are using your words honey, but I have something to tell you.

Hayley: I really think it's time you overlook your block prejudice.

Hayley: Because, well it's really unreasonable of you and really quite ridiculous and childish I mean blocks?
Hank: You can like the evil squares all you want, but still no.
Hayley: There are plenty of things to like about them! You can build things, spell things,
give them to the child I am carrying, throw them at your head.............

Hank: RAHHH Now this is how you..............

Magically grow a beard? O.o He has super 5 o'clock shadow powers.

Hayley: Why do I love him? He is so frustrating!
(Does anyone know how to get rid of those active sim bubbles?)

Hayley: I don't think I can take this anymore!
Hayley is an old fashioned type of girl, she might be desperate, and completely EXTREME,
but when you have the filthy little things people call children, you do it with a man that doesn't run at the thought of dating.

Everyone in my town ditches. Every day, no less than four people are late to something.
This day, I swear the ENTIRE population stayed home!

I thought Agnes was supposed to be an old spinster that haunts the hopes and dreams of every TS2 simmer.
But no, in my game she kicks ass, but she also loves men, lots and lots of men.
If humiliating them doesn't get them in the sack, then I have no idea how she does it.

Face it. Crumplebottom is a pimp.

Flower girl who's name escapes me: Fuck yeah! You're a beast!
Hayley: Did you just call me obese?
FGWNEM: No, no, you just won a contest! I thought it was cool!
Hayley: You do not want me to go pregnant on you. Because I will.
FGWNEM *Backs away slowly*

I'm pretty sure this would affect my mood.

Hank: OhGodOhGodOhGod what is THAT?!?! You never told me this would happen!

Hank: Why didn't you tell me?!?!?!
Hayley: You didn't notice I was PREGNANT and YOU are yelling at ME?!?!?!?!

And she enjoyed a peaceful ride down the hill...........

No joke. She had to ride her bike to the hospital, stupid legacy rules. >=[

Hank was terrified and confused, but eventually he made it to the hospital.
As much as he wanted to run in the opposite direction, he felt a certain responsibility for this child.
And he knew he could never leave Hayley alone.

This is our lovely new addition to the family!
I am horrible with names, so I have another theme.
I'll give you two hints: It is ridiculously easy and obvious,
and it was brought on by the fact that both Hayley and Hank, are

(Like myself ;)

And Hayley's decent into a world of self loathing and
her childrens depression and "Mommy never loved me!" troubles begin.

How fun for them all.

WOOHOO!!!! Go Broncos!

Yeah. I'm a Denver fan. Yeah I died when I saw this. So what?

This scared me more than a red ring scares the only people not affected by the PSNetwork being down.

The sky opened up like a flash of pure game glitchy lightning.
And down from  the heavens poured rivers of blood.

So the game exploded.
I updated all of my mods and haven't had the problem since.
However, I did find out that Awesome mod and Nraas story progression conflict, even though it is very little.
Just slow loading and a REALLY messed up sky.

Even crashing and a new name does not stop this kid from being Evil.
I'm frightened for his future, but I have never been so thrilled.
The birth of this boy ended the world.
There is no way for his evil to go, but up.

Even Hank's fear of commitment can't stop Hayley's heart from hoping. </3

I'm glad you approve of our bare floors. You have impeccable taste, newborn.

Hayley: *Whispers* You ruined my life.

Does this break the rules?

*Bites lip*

Uh oh. Somethings coming.



Hank: Rawr. Babies are so cute I hate it.

Hayley: -.-

Hank: So sexy..... So Sexy....
Hayley: *Snort* Silly Llama.

Hank: *Death glare* This......is......burnt.

*Crotch shot*

Hayley: I can see the evil in your eyes child.

Hank: So, Mr. Landgraab It seems that there have been rumors of a
certain deviousness occurring at your place of business. What do you have to say about this?

Geoffrey: I don't like what you are suggesting young man!
Hank: Well I don't like your disrespect of the law!

Geoffrey: Sooo..... What now?

You just questioned him Hank...... -.-

Hank: What was that?!?!

Your self respect.

Hank: -.- Proved you wrong.

Hank: She disgusts me.

He has talent.

This should be easy. We do this all the time!

Hank: Don't worry. I'll always love you son.

I didn't realize until the next day his inventory was full of trash!
But he found Mr. Snugglesworth, who he adoringly gave to his first born son.
Times were tough and it was Bill's first ever toy of his very own.

He also ate the apple.

Hank is such a muscle head. XD

Hayley: Oh! Oh God!

Hayley: I don't know what to make for dinner!

Hank: This reminds me of my views on marriage.

Toddler Time!


Hayley: You are enjoying this way to much.

Hayley: Oh you make me sick.

Hank: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, not on the baby!

Yeah I don't really like Toddler birthdays. I love toddlers, but not their birthdays.
Babies just lie there like caterpillars wriggling on the ground.

It's weird.

Hayley: I'm watching you child. Always watching.
Bill: Omnomnomnomnom

Ahhhhhh!!!! Isn't he adorable?

I love him.

Hayley: I uh..... Think you should um..... re-think....!!!

Nick: Wow! Your bumbling words and the little bit of pee on my shoe has convinced me entirely!
Now we are friends!

Hayley might have a certain, uh aversion towards children especially her own, but Hank adores Bill.
When he isn't rolling wants to be with him, he'll autonomously play with or cuddle him.
Underneath the commitment fears and bulging muscles is really just a sweet guy.

I love it when they chew on things!!!!!!
(Sorry. ;)

Hank: Don't worry son. I'll always be here for you.
No matter what.

He makes me want to cry.

I know I'm not supposed to pick favorites,
especially when the other kid hasn't been born yet, but I think I just did.

That's it. He's killed me. I'm dying, I died, I'm dead.

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Wow, I've never had a baby make the game crash before!!! He really must be the Devil Incarnate, lol. Even if he's adorable. <3
Can't wait for the other babies, even if Hayley doesn't, lol!

I swear he is! And I know, I love him to death anyway. <3

This is hilarious! Hayley's sound argument for the benefits of logic killed me! And who knew Hank would be such a good dad?? Bill is so cute even if he did have to be reincarnated after ending the world XD

Thank you! She's great. XD I never thought so, the minute I remembered that this was commitment issues Hank I thought the kids would have terrible childhoods!

I know, I love him to death. <3 Maybe the world just wasn't ready for the depth of his evil-ness yet. ;D

I finally got around to reading this! I must say I nearly busted a gut reading this chapter! Between the Pee of logic and the Anti-Christ baby Glitch -- idek. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing the next update!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! =)

Love it. Btw, how do you get those updates from everyone around town i.e. kids ditch school, adults ditch work?


Oh that is the NRAAS Story Progression Mod, It modifies how your town interacts with each other. You get fun stuff like babies out of wedlock, divorces, bullies, criminals, sluts, etc........

You also get updates from the whole town when they have promotions, demotions, birthdays, weddings, relationships, and when they miss school or work.

You can download it here: http://www.the-isz.com/nraas/index.php?topic=560.0

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