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Professor Disco Dome


I need help.

My computer contracted some bad viruses, but I've stopped turning it on and am going to get it fixed soon.

But, SIMS 3 SIMMERS! I need to know how to upload my Ravenna family to the internet.

Just how to package them up so that I can re-download them in case my computer needs to be wiped.

Please help me!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm pretty sure there is a 'package sim' button in the change appearance window. ;)

Another option is to make a copy of the save game with your family in it. The saved games should be in your My Documents>EA Games>The Sims 3>Saves. Just take the one with the name of the town that your family is and move it to a USB drive. Then, once you get your computer straightened out and TS3 re-installed you can just move the folder with your saved game into your new EA Games>The Sims 3>Saves.

Then, when you open the game, Voila! Your family (and the entire town) should be there. That's what I did when I had to wipe my old PC and it worked out great!

Good luck battling those nasty viruses!

Oh thank you so much! That's what I was wondering. I've worked so hard on my town I was really worried about losing the whole thing. I'm so glad this will work, thank you so much!

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